Our story

Pollini group  begins its activity in 1992, cutting and processing tiles, following the evolution of ceramic companies while supporting their research for new shapes and techniques.

Pollini Home  is the result of the conviction that  ceramic tiles -gres  porcelain in particular- it's the right material to decorate your house: not only floor and wall cladding, but also as furniture, objects and supports.

Producing ceramic tiles in big sizes and different thickness represents, no doubt, the new trend: Pollini Home is the right partner for tiles companies, architects and designers to make tables, kitchen and bathroom tops and furniture, doors, bath tubs, showers, shelves, volumes and other customized furniture according to the client’s needs.

Think about your home, your garden, your office and your favorite place: just think if they were furnished with ceramic volumes reproducing real marbles, stones, wood and metals. This is how Pollini Home’s furniture comes to life.

To make furniture, Pollini Home avail itself of highly specialized technicians and breakthrough machinery that allow us to process big size ceramic slabs of thicknesses that go from 3mm to 20mm.

Pollini Home works with the clients, giving them suggestions and ideas in researching new customized decorative proposals and support elements such as table feet and tubes made of iron, steel, other metals and wood.


Defining Pollini Home in three simple words? Collaboration — Reliability — Creativity for an extraordinary result!  

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