Our clients

professional architects


We make your customized furniture projects a reality starting from porcelain stoneware tiles of various thicknesses (3-20mm).
professionals interior designers


We give you a new way to imagine your living spaces, decorated with minimal, coordinated furniture.
professionals manufacturers sellers


We make porcelain stoneware furniture for bathroom, kitchen and living room to expand your showroom.
professionals renovators contractors


Custom made, highly performant, coordinated furniture for your kitchen and bathroom.


Come lavoriamo?

Realisation of 3D models

Send us your project, our graphic designers will follow your indication and make renderings of your furniture.

Furniture bases supply

We search and select construction materials, underframes, furniture structures,taps and fittings made of different materials that work well with your furniture.

Furniture making

The final product is the result of a well-established process: clean cuts, perfect finishes and attention to details make elegant and resistant furniture.

timely delivery

Timely delivery

Our customer service is always active and we ensure our product is delivered to you in the safest and fastest way possible.

Edge Profiles

Details that make the difference

square edge profile


45 degree miter edge profile

45 degree miter

bullnose edge profile


waterfall edge profile


135 degree bevel edge profile

135 degree bevel

Round top & bottom profile edge

Round top & bottom

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